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Big Time Gaming’s Megaways idea is revolutionary, but it’s not the first time the company has shaken up the online slot market. The Australian developer doesn’t rest on its laurels, as evidenced by the massive success of its latest creation, Megaclusters, in online casinos throughout the world. If you’re seeking for a unique slot machine experience that doesn’t rely on paylines, Megaclusters is a must-try. Big Time Gaming has licensed the mechanic, which is similar to their Megaways engine, so that other developers can utilize it. This has resulted in a plethora of different Megaclusters slot machines being made accessible at gambling establishments all around the world. Check out our in-depth summary for a rundown of the details.

Slot Megaclusters — Exactly What Is It?

Megaclusters slots use a grid layout similar to those of popular mobile games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled rather than the traditional payline method of play. Popular cluster pay slot games have been updated for the next generation with new features including multipliers, wilds, and bonus games in these games.



As a result, payouts increase on average, and the size of the typical grid may grow. Slots in the Megaclusters family can have a wide range of volatility, from low to extremely high for games like Cyberslot Megaclusters and Kluster Krystals Megaclusters. It may take some time to get a winning combination, but the jackpots are well worth the wait.


The standard initial grid size for megacluster slots is 4×4. Because of bonus rounds and multipliers, this area can grow to 8×8 or more. The extending reels idea takes some cues from BGT’s Megaways engine, but the two are otherwise entirely unique. In the following sections, we will describe in depth how Megaclusters function.


Why Do Megaclusters Succeed?

If you are already familiar with the Megaways concept or grid slots, then the Megaclusters game mechanic won’t be too foreign to you. With Big Time Gaming, it’s just as simple to win numerous times from a single wager, especially when wild and bonus symbols are in play.


Instead of using paylines, players in megaclusters slots generate winning combinations by clustering together similar symbols. Usually, you’ll need at least five adjacent symbols, either horizontally or vertically. The winning symbols will then blast off the reels when the reaction feature takes effect. Instead of filling in the empty spaces with fresh symbols like in Megaways slots, Megaclusters games use four smaller symbols to replace each winning icon. Because of this, a single spin may result in many payouts.


During the bonus spins round, the excitement increases as the grid size increases from 8×8. Five consecutive response wins will activate this bonus round without the need for any scatter symbols. Players can enjoy a maximum 16×16 grid with 256 symbols during the free spins bonus round.


Megaclusters features extremely high-octane gameplay, as you can see. We recommend starting out in demo mode so you can get a feel for the game without risking any of your own money. You may also take advantage of online casino no deposit bonuses to play for free and get a feel for the games without risking any of your own money.


To help, we’ve laid out a basic outline of how to play Megacluster below:


The first playing field is a 4×4 grid.

To form a winning combination, you must match at least five symbols in a cluster.

Each engaged sign will burst, giving rise to four other, smaller symbols.

If a winning combination is formed with the new symbols, those symbols will vanish from the reels and be replaced by others. This feature is also known as avalanches or cascading reels in other games.

When five consecutive avalanches or responses occur, the free spins or other bonus round is activated.

During the bonus rounds, the grid size increases to 8×8, and it can go as high as 16×16 if necessary. A progressive win multiplier is also available. To verify your multiplier, look for it near the top of the screen.

In what ways are megaclusters distinguished?

While the Megacluster feature is the most eye-catching aspect of these innovative slot games, there are additional ways for players to boost their wins. Below is a concise summary of Megaclusters’ key capabilities:


The Megaclusters Reaction feature, often known as cascading reels or avalanches, causes winning symbols to burst and be replaced by four smaller icons. When the new symbols contribute to a victory, they vanish from the reels and make room for other symbols.

The so-called Megaclusters only become relevant during the free spins phase, which is featured in all Megaclusters slots. When a player achieves five consecutive reaction wins, they are awarded at least two free spins. In this bonus round, the grid size is 8 by 8, however the symbols can go small enough to make a 16 by 16 field. You can picture the potential for innumerable triumphs if this occurs.

Megacluster games also have multiple multiplier tiers available in both the regular game and the bonus rounds. Some games feature multiplier meters that provide many potential for extremely huge payouts, and wild symbols often come with progressive multipliers attached. In addition, games like Millionaire Rush Megaclusters offer a selection of unique multiplier possibilities in their Megatrails component.

This is by no means a full list of Megaclusters features, as Big Time Gaming has licensed this ingenious mechanic to other providers like Blueprint Gaming, Relax Gaming, and Playtech. Because the system is customizable, slot sites all over the world provide a dizzying array of benefits. Try this sample:


Open Ranges

Insistently Wild

Signs with Little Value Removed

Changes in Symbols

The Mega-Wilds

Wild Multipliers

Megaclusters slot bonus activation

Even though megacluster slots may have multiple bonus features, the free spins bonus is always the most exciting. Games like Star Clusters Megaclusters make the most of the novel mechanism by providing 256 symbol locations on the grid, which results in more frequent cluster wins.


Simply collecting five consecutive cluster wins in a row on a Megaclusters slot machine will activate the free spins bonus round. Big Time Gaming has released an exciting new gaming system, and developers are finding innovative methods to make each game unique.

The 2022 Top 10 Mega-Cluster Slots List


Compared to Big Time Gaming’s flagship Megaways system, the number of available slots is lower in the Megaclusters system, which is still in its infancy. The good news is that the design team behind all Megaclusters games has done an excellent job. These games are available at online casinos all around the world, so you can spin the reels whenever the mood strikes you.


If Megaclusters are unfamiliar territory for you, we understand if you feel a little overwhelmed. It’s not always easy to figure out where to begin. Please peruse the following selections recommended by our team of experts:


Megaclusters of stars is the first.

Big Time Gaming’s new game engine debuted with Star Cluster Megaclusters. It’s set to drop in 2020 with a massive maximum win of 23,960x, 96.54% RTP, and medium-to-high volatility. In this wild slot machine, winning symbols break into smaller clusters, creating up to 256 spots. BGT’s original idea got off to a roaring start thanks to the Star Cluster Megaclusters, and it’s been a modern classic ever since.


There are two types of wild symbols in this slot machine, with the Gold Wild fueling the progressive multiplier meter at the game’s top. Due to its HTML5 code base, Star Cluster Megaclusters may be accessed from any mobile device. Surprisingly, the grid slot remains legible and easy to follow on the tiny screens of smartphones.


Clusters of Millionaires During the Gold Rush

It’s possible that Millionaire Rush Megaclusters is one of the most potent video slots ever created. Big Time Gaming has jammed an incredible 12 different bonus features into this game, the highlight of which being the Megaclusters engine. Megatrail’s special features are completely at random and might include anything from symbol explosions to mega wilds to changing symbols to duplicate symbols and more.


Graphically and in terms of detail, the re-creation of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is excellent. Millionaire Rush Megaclusters successfully captures the feel of the classic game show with clever design choices like the 50/50 bonus. The maximum payout is 55,060x, and the return to player percentage is higher than normal at 96.44%.


Clusters of Pristine Diamond Fruits

The prize in Diamond Fruits Megaclusters is capped at 6,650x, making it significantly less lucrative than in other games. Large jackpot hunters will be disappointed, but cautious players will enjoy it. With the same limitless multiplier as Bonanza, Big Time Gaming ensures a high hit frequency in Diamond Fruits Megaclusters, especially in the free spins bonus.


Diamond Fruits Megaclusters is not only notable for this, but also for the amazing 3D reels that were introduced by the creator. It’s a brilliant update to the standard slot machine concept; using this visual approach again in the near future would surprise us. With a return to player percentage of 96.23 percent and a betting range of just $0.20 to $75.00, this slot machine is sure to please players of every stripe.


Megaclusters of Kluster Crystals

The transition from Big Time Gaming to Relax Gaming began with Kluster Krystals Megaclusters, one of the first games released. With an impressive RTP of 96.49% and a slew of unique extras, it does the Megaclusters engine proud. Kluster Krystals Megaclusters is typical of Relax Gaming’s innovative and entertaining slot games.


The game’s Symbol Upgrade function is its defining feature. You’ll see that each sign can show up as a single, double, triple, or even quadruple jewel. When these improve and land on a winning cluster, the payment is increased. Kluster Krystals Megaclusters also includes three extra features that can be activated at random and either improve existing symbols or remove them entirely from the reels.


Megaclusters of Online Casinos

Cyberslot Megaclusters is a futuristic slot machine from Big Time Gaming with a huge maximum win of 23,960x and a return to player percentage of 96.54%. Unlike other Megaclusters games, this one begins on a 3×3 grid, but instead of one winning symbol, nine cluster icons appear. As a result, up to 321 new slots are available, making them more numerous than even the largest star clusters.


On top of the regular Reactions feature, which is active on every spin, Big Time Gaming has tossed in a lucrative roaming wild. As it shifts positions, the unique sign leaves behind a cluster of nine smaller symbols, each of which can help trigger a winning chain reaction. The Cyberslot Megaclusters free spins round requires 12 consecutive response wins and features 6 free spins and 321 possible symbols. If you’re lucky, you can win up to 23,960 times your initial bet.

Megacluster Slots: The Good and the Bad


When the Reactions feature activates on a Megaclusters slot machine, the adrenaline rush is hard to surpass. On the expanded slot grid, winning symbol combinations might appear more frequently, making the action even faster than in Megaways games. While this is a huge plus for veteran players, it may be too much for newcomers.


When compared to more basic slot machines, the risk associated with playing Megaclusters games can be rather high. Higher variance is great for high rollers but can easily wipe out smaller wagering budgets. However, the jackpots are enormous, so players who are patient and strategic can win big. Pros and drawbacks of Megaclusters include the following:


Incredible potential for success

Extremely rapid game play

The overpowering novelty of truly innovative style

No-go for those with vision problems

Slot Machine Megaclusters and Megaways

Megaclusters and Megaways slots share certain similarities, however they use quite different gaming engines. The standard number of reels for Megaways slots is six, with a random multiplier varying the amount of symbols on each reel from one to seven. There are a maximum of 117,649 ways to win when all possible Megaways are activated (7 × 7 x 7 x 7 x 7).


Massive clusters are unique. These video games use a grid slot design and a cluster pay mechanism to function, doing away with traditional reels in the process. A 16×16 grid can be formed by repeatedly splitting each winning sign into four smaller ones. That’s 256 available jobs at maximum capacity.


The base mode cascading reels or Reactions winnings in Megaclusters and Megaways slots are very similar. When a winning symbol combination is made, it explodes off the grid and makes room for a new symbol to fall into place. As this occurs, you will typically receive a growing multiplier.


Thoughts on Megacluster Slots in Conclusion

Not to be missed, Megaclusters slots. Some of the most exciting iGaming alternatives, such as Star Cluster Megaclusters and Millionaire Rush Megaclusters, have recently been released, bringing a new level of excitement to the world of online slot machines.


Both Big Time Gaming and the other developers who worked on these titles did an excellent job. The fact that Megaclusters games include such fluid gameplay and high definition visuals is evidence of the industry’s progress over the past few years.


There are a few caveats to playing Megaclusters slots, despite the great win potential, above-average RTP, and exciting gameplay. For new players, they can be overly complicated and difficult to understand, while others may find the symbols to be too small, particularly on mobile devices.


No matter what, though, Megaclusters games are fantastic. They’re fun to try out, but after playing these slots, you might never want to play anything else.


Frequently Asked Questions About Megacluster Slots

Are you still wondering what megacluster slots are? Read the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.


Do you plan on adding more Megaclusters machines?


Yes. As Big Time Gaming continues to grant licenses for the innovative Megaclusters system, expect to see additional Megaclusters slots in the near future.


Why do people like playing Megaclusters slot machines?


There are a number of benefits to using megacluster slots. Examples include increased payouts, accelerated action, a plethora of extras, and the ability to view up to 321 symbols simultaneously.


Can I get a free trial of Megaclusters slots?


Yes. Learn the ropes on the free practice or demo versions of the Megaclusters slot machine before you invest any real cash. This can greatly increase your odds of success.

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