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The abbreviation for “International Game Technology” is “IGT.” However, you won’t come across that name very often. The majority of individuals just refer to the business by its initials.

IGT is the biggest gaming corporation that covers all aspects of the industry across the globe. This indicates that they are the largest corporation that, “end to end,” if you will, creates, manufactures, distributes, and provides customer support for gambling games. The company’s shares may be purchased by the general public via the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker code “IGT.”

This firm is the epitome of what it means to be a global corporation; while the offices of their holding company are located in the United Kingdom, they also have operational headquarters in Rome, Las Vegas, and Providence, Rhode Island. The bulk of their senior personnel is composed of Italians, which is a nod to the country in which the corporation was established; nevertheless, the majority of their lower-level employees are either of American or British descent. IGT has a little over 13,000 individuals working for the company at one of its dozens of headquarters and smaller operations located all around the globe.

The majority of their expansion over the years has been accomplished via the purchase of other companies, despite the fact that they are most well recognized as a developer of slot and video poker games. IGT is a key participant in the casino gaming industry as well as the internet gambling business. IGT creates casino games. The firm is responsible for the production of a wide range of coin-operated and electronic games, some of which include lottery games, social games, and games for mobile gamblers.

IGT declares in its mission statement that it will “provide customers with best-in-class solutions and create maximum value for shareholders by adhering to the highest levels of service, integrity, responsibility, and innovation.” This is a promise that the firm intends to keep by sticking to these standards.
Let’s take a good, hard look at IGT and the games they make to see whether they truly are delivering high-quality work in terms of both customer service and technological advancement.

Management of IGT Inc.

The website of IGT places the company’s management team in a prominent position, showing the names and images of the senior staff of all of its key corporations. The following is taken directly from the website: “IGT has brought together a team of proven leaders to create a powerful gaming and lottery enterprise, providing expertise and value to all of our customers around the globe.”

Sala, Marco
Mr. Sala is not only the head of IGT as the Chief Executive Officer, but he is also a member of the company’s Board of Directors in addition to his role as the company’s top boss. Mr. Sala gained valuable experience as the head of Buffetti, Italy’s most extensive network of office supply shops, prior to assuming the reins at IGT. Additionally, Marco Sala worked in marketing for Kraft foods, where he was responsible for directing the company’s activities throughout the majority of Europe. Since April of 2015, Sala has been functioning in this capacity for the organization.

Ascoli, Renato

Mr. Ascoli now holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of North America Gaming/Interactive. That translates into the fact that he is the person in charge of everything having to do with the development of the game. Every single one of IGT’s games is within Mr. Ascoli’s purview when it comes to the production, marketing, and delivery of those games. The DoubleDown Casino, which focuses on the development of goods for use on social networking platforms, is the most recent creation of the team led by Ascoli.

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