Yoga to Lose Weight – Does it Work?

Yoga can help you lose weight - but only the right types

One of the most common questions about yoga is “can it help me lose weight?” The answer isn’t always simple. In this article, Adam takes you through the pros and cons for yoga for weight loss, along with some popular types of yoga for shedding fat.

When most people take up yoga, they want to get a certain result. That might simply be to feel more relaxed or to get more flexible. Some people – usually women – want to develop that “yoga bum” that’s so sought after.

A common goal is to try and lose weight. But can yoga really help you burn fat – especially in comparison to cardio such as running or playing sports? And are there additional benefits to yoga that you don’t get with other options? That’s what we’re going to find out in this post.

Burning Calories the Yoga Way

In some ways, losing weight is simple. If your body receives fewer calories than you burn over an extended period of time, you’ll lose weight. To tip the balance in the favour of weight loss you either need to eat less or do more exercise to increase your calorie burn.

An active class of yoga WILL burn more calories than if you’re just sitting. It’s estimated that the average woman weighing 150 pounds will burn between 300-400 calories in an hour of Power yoga. This is a vigorous type of yoga though – less intense forms will burn much less. On the other hand, certain types of hot yoga may burn even more.

There is a downside though. When you’re doing some intense yoga, you’ll burn calories. But during periods when you’re “resting” in long pose holds such as Pigeon of Child’s pose, you won’t burn many calories.

Also, as you can see from the numbers above, doing 2-3 classes of yoga per week isn’t going to help you lose weight unless you also look at your diet. This is the same with any form of exercise though – to lose weight you need to combine calorie burning with a restricted intake.

Yoga has Additional Benefits

You gain a lot more from yoga than just burning calories though. One of the great things about yoga practice is that you learn how to manage your stress and be more mindful. Studies have shown that this is why yoga is better for fat loss than simple stretching, as the latter doesn’t teach stress management.

To gain the stress-busting benefits of yoga, you need to practice on a daily basis. Yoga for relaxation doesn’t need to be long or arduous though.

An additional benefit is that you’ll become more mindful and aware of your actions. This can help prevent binge eating, as you’ll have greater awareness of your eating habits. Many of the calories we eat are on “auto pilot,” so this can make a big difference to weight gain.

The bottom line is clear : vigorous forms of yoga can help you lose weight by allowing you to burn more calories and be more mindful. The next question is which is the most effective type?

Which Type of Yoga?

We’ve already found out that any type of yoga can help you lose weight by improving your mindfulness and reducing stress. If you want to burn calories directly from yoga though, you’ll need to pick a type that keeps you active throughout the session. These are some of the best types of yoga for fat loss:

  • Bikram yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Fat loss programs such as Yoga Burn (click here for the review I used to find out more about this program)


People who say yoga can’t help you lose weight are simply wrong. While many types of yoga won’t burn as many calories as vigorous cardiovascular exercise, practice will improve your mindfulness and reduce stress levels. This can have a positive effect on weight loss. In addition, yoga is proven to have a range of other health benefits.

Adam’s Guides: How to Choose a Steam Generator Iron

When it comes to exciting blog topics, choosing a steam generator iron probably isn’t at the top of your list! Even so, this blog is all about helping readers in their everyday lives – and at one point or another you’re going to need a new iron. So to save you the frustration I went through looking for the best one to buy, here’s a quick guide on how to choose an iron.

Buying an iron should be a simple task. They all do the same thing – so why are there so many to choose between?! It turns out that there’s quite a big difference between basic steam irons and some of the more advanced models with steam generation – I honestly had no idea this was the case before I started looking. It quickly became clear that if I wanted to save time when ironing and get rid of the toughest creases, I would need a steam generator iron (even though these cost a lot more).

Bottom Line: If you just want to know which steam generator iron I bought, I chose the Tefal Gv8461 thanks to the recommendation of I’ve been very happy with it so far, so I’d recommend it to anyone.

3 Tips for Choosing a Steam Generator Iron

During my search, it became clear that there are three main things that make choosing an iron easier. They are:

  1. Make sure you have a set budget before you start looking. I had a fairly large budget of around £150 which is why I went for the Tefal. I’m sure there are plenty of options that cost much less than this but that do a good job, but if you want a true steam generator be prepared to spend £150+. Some of the most expensive ones cost up to £400. It’s easy to get carried away and spend more than you can afford though.
  2. The steam output pressure is one of the most important features of a steam generator. The Tefal has a 6 bar pressure which allows for powerful steam. This makes it easy to remove creases.
  3. Look for a model with anti-scale systems. Limescale can damage an iron over time, so you ideally want one with built-in protection. This isn’t much of an issue for cheaper irons, but if you’re spending £150 you want it to last a long time.

Aside from these three things, you should also look at the feaetures of the iron. Does it come with an energy efficient mode? Does it automatically switch off when you’re using it? Are there any safety features or an auto cord rewind function?

The best way to find out how an iron really performs is to read reviews from buyers. The best steam generator irons have plenty of reviews, so it’s easy to find out what buyers think of it.

And if you’re wondering, yes the Tefal has made getting rid of creases MUCH easier! I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to a regular iron now, although whether I’d buy the Tefal or another steam generator in the future is yet to be decided.

Do you have a steam generator iron? What do you think of it? Let me know!

Why Cooking and Kitchen Appliances Can Make or Break Your Health

Example of Fresh Cooking

When people talk about the problems with obesity in the modern world, most focus on sugar and the rise of snack foods. There’s no doubt that this is a big part of the problem – but I would like to propose a complementary theory.

The rise in obesity is linked to people spending less time cooking their own meals from scratch.

Think about it. When you cook food from scratch, it naturally has less sugar and more nutrients. It’s hard to cook a meal without including at least some vegetables, and when you know exactly how much sugar you’re putting in there’s no way to trick yourself into thinking something is healthy when it isn’t.

So if you’re not cooking the majority of your meals, you’re missing out on a ton of health benefits.

The fact that less people cook today isn’t surprising though. As a general rule, we have less time available and work longer hours. In many cases, both adults in a family work full-time, so there isn’t the traditional “house wife” who’s in charge of cooking. I also believe our taste buds have changed over time – we now crave sugary foods more and more, so a cheap pizza might actually seem MORE satisfying.

These are all big problems. But they can be solved by simply making an effort to cook more. Once you start having more fresh food, your taste buds start to appreciate it again. You’ll also feel healthier.

Essential Items to Cook Healthy Food

Before you can start cooking though, there are some essential items you need. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • A high quality set of pans. Pans are essential for great cooking, but most people use cheap pans that food gets easily stuck to or just doesn’t heat properly. I recommend getting a Tefal 5 piece pan set, as they provide a good balance between quality and expenditure.
  • A top quality chef’s knife. If you’re chopping vegetables without a chef’s knife, you’re wasting time and making cooking more stressful than it needs to be.
  • A blender. Any blender will do, but it’ll make cooking much simpler and faster.
  • A simple cooking book. If you’re just getting started with cooking, don’t try complicated recipes that take hours to cook. Instead, look for a simple recipe book with meals that take 20 minutes or less to prepare.

As your cooking improves, you’ll spend less and less time making each meal. You’ll also get better at it, so the meals will taste nicer.

I think if we all started cooking more it would go a long way to solving the obesity problem. Considering this causes heart disease, diabetes and a host of other problems, it’s something that can’t be ignored any longer.